Hidden Treasure - Episode 8

The crew listens to Mike’s new ideas for movies. One of them is a story about an Ivy League professor who finds Mike speaking ancient Aramaic in a deli as he is making salami sandwiches and recruits him to crack a famous riddle. Bobby reads from a book inscribed by John Fante. Cartel members are eating shrimp cocktails in Staten Island bodegas, sushi chefs are hired as live-in help. and more mysteries are discovered while none are solved.

Hidden Treasure -- Episode 1

Crazy twists, suttle clues, absurdist notions. This episode of Hidden Treasures looks at the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure, John Wilkes Boothe’s disappearance, and whether or not a time machine would work in Lincoln’s favor. Sponsors for this episode include the Staten Island Datsun Graveyard and Pete’s Potato Bread.

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