Hidden Treasure - Episode 6

DB Cooper puts his airplane heist money towards starting the Starbucks corporation, Santa Anna on Staten Island in exile, LBJ looks to be the only acronym in the White House. Mike gives each European explorer a mob association, Bobby puts his foot down and orders all mufflers to be removed from cars, and the crew puts on their research caps on to do some local internet archeology.

Hidden Treasure - Episode 3

The crew looks for the lost city of Atlantis, but quickly stumble upon the local mystery of the land of the lost IRoc-Z. Mike talks about working over monkeys in the Philippines, Bobby gets sponsorship from Acme glass company and Chris considers optimal ways to die.

Hidden Treasure - Episode 4

The crew looks into stoned martial arts, early jump scares, Daniel Boone's hygiene. Mike is off coffee but still gets a contact high, Bobby postulates about Chucky from Child's Play as a 70's stoner, and the crew stages a bootleg seance to acknowledge and expel their former demons.

Hidden Treasure -- Episode 1

Crazy twists, suttle clues, absurdist notions. This episode of Hidden Treasures looks at the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure, John Wilkes Boothe’s disappearance, and whether or not a time machine would work in Lincoln’s favor. Sponsors for this episode include the Staten Island Datsun Graveyard and Pete’s Potato Bread.

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