Composite Beast -- Sunday Sermon

Jerry Garcia - Let It Rock

Mike Rozakis - Flower Power

Fred Neil - Other Side of this Life 

John Cameron - Liquid Sunshine

Little Mary Staten - Steppin Stone


Sister Irene OConnor - Fire

Van Morrison — Street Choir

Sunday Sermon

Juanita Rogers - A Love Letter Full Of Promises
Cave Dwellers - Meditation
Ernie Graham - For A Little While
Ark - Sidewalk Preacherman
Os Lobos - Pasta Dental Sabor Chicletes
Cosmic Rays-BYE BYE
Alco - Look At The Clouds
Flat Earth Society - Im So Happy
what will tomorrow bring- wendy rene
STEPHEN STILLS 9. So Begins The Task

Forty-Seven with Jay Miller

Jay miller is a comedian, writer, and an eternal optimist. He has been tour manager for such acts as Yo La Tango and Ingrid Michaelson, Writer and producer on Impractical jokers,  and even directed this instant cult classic video for the front bottoms.  I was excited to have jay come on composite beast:  we got deep into Talking body image, giving people permission to treat us like jerks, and the deep and fascinating world of periscope.

YOu can find jay once a month at the PIT doing his one man show, Happiness. The rest of the time he's doing great things like volunteering, hosting karaoke at union hall,  and on twitter @midevenings. 

Forty-Six w/ BOBO TOUCH

brian bonz and mike rizzo make up the hysterical comedy duo, bobo touch. Their new web series "Helpline" focuses on two south Brooklyn dads working hard to make sure the denizens of their neighborhood aren't getting screwed by big bureaucracy, screwball landlords, and shady gentrifiers. it doesn't stop there, though--- brian and mike have done some really amazing stuff including putting out albums under different permutations with a core group of pretty sophisticated musicians, produced and starred in dozens of short films, and have even birthed children. 

The Eastman Tapes

This special Composite Beast mixtape was recorded live at Maker Park Radio and celebrates the new novel, "Eastman Was Here," written by my friend Alex Gilvarry. I can write a whole bunch about how excellent Alex's writing is, but check out the mixtape, which is dotted by a conversation between me and the author. 

#22 -- Magic Matter

The Petch Phin Thong Band -[3]- Bump Lam Plearn    
Nancy Dupree - Cold    
Oriental Sunshine - Visions (1970)    
Little    That
The Chokin' Kind -   Joe Simon
Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe    
could   you could stop at five or six stores
And I Love Him   - Esther Phillips
Theo Beckford - Easy Snappin    
This    Does
It's a Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  -  Leon Russell
Amiri Baraka - Dope    
Voodoo Woman    Koko Taylor
1980s News Bloopers    Tapes Of Wrath
Military Madness    Graham Nash
not    even a real journalism
Ela Partiu    Tim Maia
Christine    J.K. & Co.
Sun Ra - Dreaming    
Chain Gang    Jim Ford
Little    That
[16]- P.M. 7-Jupiter - Pone Tala Pone (Twee Sak)    Shadow Music of Thailand
Pets get hurt    Marc Morrone
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Rock Me    
The Gleeker  =  Eddie Gale
Jones    Alex
Usted Sabe Lo Que Es Fe?    La Barra de Chocolate
Hangin' Out  =  Betty Davis
1980s News Bloopers   = Tapes Of Wrath
Bonnie And Clyde =   Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg
Vietnam  =  Abner Jay
Your Place or Mine  =  Elyse Weinberg
I Chase The Devil   = Max Romeo, The Upsetters
Daughter of Satanist High Priest Tells of Her Experiences!!    
Miracles   = Johnnie Frierson
Pure Soul   = Elijah & The Ebonites
Hang On To Love =   Wayne Cochran
John And Judy And The Newports - When You Are Lonely (Admiral)    
Swing and Turn Jubilee    Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson
I Love You    Weldon Irvine
could    you could stop at five or six stores
I've Got Some Happiness    Leland