Turkey Castellano w/ Farooq Hussain

On this episode of Composite Beast, I’m joined by rising R & B sensation and deeply funny comic, Farooq Hussain. We take a look at anthropomorphized wildlife taking over Staten Island, the struggles of dating apps without “white-dude confidence,” and life without a union job. Farooq is a true independent thinker, quit-witted wiseguy, and completely sensitive dude. Check him out all over NYC and on instagram @farooqyou

Composite Beast: Strange Peoples

This doozy goes deep into how misspelled start-ups set a tone for shady employee practices, not knowing how to deal with strange and scary white folk, fatalistic sloganeering, disjointed renderings of serial killer portraits, odd synchronicities between Two centuries worth of Koreshes, the power of guilt and how to not overuse it, along with several dozen off-road trips. All of the above served on a healthy bed of some of the healthiest esoteric, folk, funk, and good ol’ weird American music.

Composite Beast Forty-Eight: Featuring Rime MSK / Jersey Joe

Rime / Jersey joe is an international artist. his work blends high-skill grafitti aesthetics that echo his years as top street writer with subconscious iconography, at least that's how i feel when i look at it. Joe's detail to craft and dedication to his work is flooring, so that when you stand in front of his canvases, or below a wall he's hit,  you know that someone was here who cared deeply about the creation of the thing. More importantly, Joe is a true believer, a rare bird, clear about his course, okay with the uncertainty of where it leads, full of purpose, energy, and unapologetic for who he is. You can see joe's work and process @rime_msk