Seasonal Affective Disorder Special

Emily and Chris ring in Seasonal Affective Disorder season with recapping horror movies, the difference between Navajo dogs and Staten Island dogs, while advocating for wearing sandals during autumn. Tales of Nostrdamus, warped demons, and the saga for sponsorship continues in this blockbuster episode.

Turkey Castellano w/ Farooq Hussain

On this episode of Composite Beast, I’m joined by rising R & B sensation and deeply funny comic, Farooq Hussain. We take a look at anthropomorphized wildlife taking over Staten Island, the struggles of dating apps without “white-dude confidence,” and life without a union job. Farooq is a true independent thinker, quit-witted wiseguy, and completely sensitive dude. Check him out all over NYC and on instagram @farooqyou

It's a Wonderful Wheel

More deep dives into the multiverse’s darkest crevices. A thought experiment leads to thinking about the world without George Bailey, one where Forest Gump gets a sequel and Kev’s one-liners are wheely awesome. There’s a renaissance happening on Staten Island, and this is the soundtrack.

Composite Beast: Strange Peoples

This doozy goes deep into how misspelled start-ups set a tone for shady employee practices, not knowing how to deal with strange and scary white folk, fatalistic sloganeering, disjointed renderings of serial killer portraits, odd synchronicities between Two centuries worth of Koreshes, the power of guilt and how to not overuse it, along with several dozen off-road trips. All of the above served on a healthy bed of some of the healthiest esoteric, folk, funk, and good ol’ weird American music.

Just Two Guys Hanging w/Peter Revello

Really psyched to have comedian Peter Revello on this Composite Beast episode to talk about growing up on Staten Island, Civil Wars between age groups, having discipline and sense of purpose, rebranding opium dens as downtown hipster haunts, playing handball in early spring, having true affection for people you don’t necessarily agree with, along with several dozen other non-sequiturs. Pete is a straight-up good guy who is going places — I look forward to seeing where his hard work, agile wit, and sincerity take him. Follow Pete’s really hilarious Twitter stream for deep thoughts and tips on how to be the best straight dude you can @peter_revello

Hotline Ding w/ Vin Forte

Emily Perina and I start off the show with tarot readings, endless malls, hotline dings from basement aerophysicists and reluctant psychic skeptics. Then, like the wonderful magician that he is, our friend and comedy wizard Vin Forte stopped by to talk doping with Cisco oil, pony play, cute cartoon raccoons leading to a real-world invasive species crisis, and a cornucopia of mind-blowing side-tangents worth taking the ride for. Check out Vin’s excellent podcast. Any Time with Vin Forte, and check his writing on the groundbreaking live comedy show The Special Without Brett Davis. Follow Vin on twitter @vinforte

Composite Beast Radio Hour(s) w/ Bobby Funaro

there’s lots of wisdom in this gem of an episode, so take the cotton out of ya ears, put it in ya mouth and listen up.

Bobby Funaro is an actor, writer, producer focused deeply on his commitment to his craft and to being a decent human. We spent some time talking about bobby’s “big break” and how friends big and small have “sent the elevator down” for him and other’s. I’m really grateful to have bobby as a friend and a guest on the show.

Composite Beast Forty-Nine: Featuring Psychic Frank St. James

I'm blessed to meet interesting people everywhere I go. Frank St. James is one such cat. A man with profound psychic gifts, coupled with a heart of true gold and kindness, Frank has dedicated the last 50 years of his life helping solve murders, using hypnosis to deal with trauma, hunting for treasure in the southwest, and many more things that've made up his rich, fulfilling, life. 

Composite Beast Forty-Eight: Featuring Rime MSK / Jersey Joe

Rime / Jersey joe is an international artist. his work blends high-skill grafitti aesthetics that echo his years as top street writer with subconscious iconography, at least that's how i feel when i look at it. Joe's detail to craft and dedication to his work is flooring, so that when you stand in front of his canvases, or below a wall he's hit,  you know that someone was here who cared deeply about the creation of the thing. More importantly, Joe is a true believer, a rare bird, clear about his course, okay with the uncertainty of where it leads, full of purpose, energy, and unapologetic for who he is. You can see joe's work and process @rime_msk

Forty-Seven with Jay Miller

Jay miller is a comedian, writer, and an eternal optimist. He has been tour manager for such acts as Yo La Tango and Ingrid Michaelson, Writer and producer on Impractical jokers,  and even directed this instant cult classic video for the front bottoms.  I was excited to have jay come on composite beast:  we got deep into Talking body image, giving people permission to treat us like jerks, and the deep and fascinating world of periscope.

YOu can find jay once a month at the PIT doing his one man show, Happiness. The rest of the time he's doing great things like volunteering, hosting karaoke at union hall,  and on twitter @midevenings.