Composite Beast: Strange Peoples

This doozy goes deep into how misspelled start-ups set a tone for shady employee practices, not knowing how to deal with strange and scary white folk, fatalistic sloganeering, disjointed renderings of serial killer portraits, odd synchronicities between Two centuries worth of Koreshes, the power of guilt and how to not overuse it, along with several dozen off-road trips. All of the above served on a healthy bed of some of the healthiest esoteric, folk, funk, and good ol’ weird American music.

Composite Beast Radio Hour(s) w/ Bobby Funaro

there’s lots of wisdom in this gem of an episode, so take the cotton out of ya ears, put it in ya mouth and listen up.

Bobby Funaro is an actor, writer, producer focused deeply on his commitment to his craft and to being a decent human. We spent some time talking about bobby’s “big break” and how friends big and small have “sent the elevator down” for him and other’s. I’m really grateful to have bobby as a friend and a guest on the show.