Space Cookie: The Mike Bocchetti Tapes

Had a great time talking with friend and legend Mike Bocchetti.

Mike is a comedy lifer, his one liners stick in your head and bounce around as you think about how concisely they’re crafted. While Mike often makes himself the center of his punchlines, don’t get mixed messages about it: Mike is Marine, at least he was for 8 weeks.

Dive in to this really great talk and check out Mike’s new album “Thank You!” available where all digital music is peddled!

Just Two Guys Hanging w/Peter Revello

Really psyched to have comedian Peter Revello on this Composite Beast episode to talk about growing up on Staten Island, Civil Wars between age groups, having discipline and sense of purpose, rebranding opium dens as downtown hipster haunts, playing handball in early spring, having true affection for people you don’t necessarily agree with, along with several dozen other non-sequiturs. Pete is a straight-up good guy who is going places — I look forward to seeing where his hard work, agile wit, and sincerity take him. Follow Pete’s really hilarious Twitter stream for deep thoughts and tips on how to be the best straight dude you can @peter_revello

Composite Beast Radio Hour(s) w/ Bobby Funaro

there’s lots of wisdom in this gem of an episode, so take the cotton out of ya ears, put it in ya mouth and listen up.

Bobby Funaro is an actor, writer, producer focused deeply on his commitment to his craft and to being a decent human. We spent some time talking about bobby’s “big break” and how friends big and small have “sent the elevator down” for him and other’s. I’m really grateful to have bobby as a friend and a guest on the show.

Forty-Seven with Jay Miller

Jay miller is a comedian, writer, and an eternal optimist. He has been tour manager for such acts as Yo La Tango and Ingrid Michaelson, Writer and producer on Impractical jokers,  and even directed this instant cult classic video for the front bottoms.  I was excited to have jay come on composite beast:  we got deep into Talking body image, giving people permission to treat us like jerks, and the deep and fascinating world of periscope.

YOu can find jay once a month at the PIT doing his one man show, Happiness. The rest of the time he's doing great things like volunteering, hosting karaoke at union hall,  and on twitter @midevenings.