#22 -- Magic Matter

The Petch Phin Thong Band -[3]- Bump Lam Plearn    
Nancy Dupree - Cold    
Oriental Sunshine - Visions (1970)    
Little    That
The Chokin' Kind -   Joe Simon
Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe    
could   you could stop at five or six stores
And I Love Him   - Esther Phillips
Theo Beckford - Easy Snappin    
This    Does
It's a Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  -  Leon Russell
Amiri Baraka - Dope    
Voodoo Woman    Koko Taylor
1980s News Bloopers    Tapes Of Wrath
Military Madness    Graham Nash
not    even a real journalism
Ela Partiu    Tim Maia
Christine    J.K. & Co.
Sun Ra - Dreaming    
Chain Gang    Jim Ford
Little    That
[16]- P.M. 7-Jupiter - Pone Tala Pone (Twee Sak)    Shadow Music of Thailand
Pets get hurt    Marc Morrone
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Rock Me    
The Gleeker  =  Eddie Gale
Jones    Alex
Usted Sabe Lo Que Es Fe?    La Barra de Chocolate
Hangin' Out  =  Betty Davis
1980s News Bloopers   = Tapes Of Wrath
Bonnie And Clyde =   Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg
Vietnam  =  Abner Jay
Your Place or Mine  =  Elyse Weinberg
I Chase The Devil   = Max Romeo, The Upsetters
Daughter of Satanist High Priest Tells of Her Experiences!!    
Miracles   = Johnnie Frierson
Pure Soul   = Elijah & The Ebonites
Hang On To Love =   Wayne Cochran
John And Judy And The Newports - When You Are Lonely (Admiral)    
Swing and Turn Jubilee    Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson
I Love You    Weldon Irvine
could    you could stop at five or six stores
I've Got Some Happiness    Leland