#16 -- Planet Battlefield

A scud missiles' worth of prank phone calls bombard cable access samaritans, Aussie teens stubborn and proud of their bad boy ways, and many, many, intervals of sweet, sad, somewhat forgotten music. 

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Martinis - Hungover

Excerpt — The Mystery of PK Kid

Excerpt — Aussie Teen Party

Skip James - Crow Jane

Ronnie & Robyn - As Long As You Love Me

Big Maybelle - 96 Tears

Jim Sullivan - Jerome

??? — ???

Nina Simone - Aint Got No I Got Life

Paul Parrish English Sparrow

Inzintombi Zokutheza - Untshietsena 

Lee Moses - Hey Joe

Fred Williams & The Jewels Band - Tell Her

Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man

Kim Jung Mi - Your Dream Like A Stream

The Rebels - Sha La La

Lester Tipton - This Wont Change

The Turbans — Congratulations

Gene Clark - Gypsy Rider

Flower Travellin Band - Heaven and Hell

Mahotella Queens - Baphinde Joe

Rev. D.C. Richards -- I’m In the Battlefield for My Lord 

The Luvd Ones - Come on In

The Montclairs - Hey You! Dont You Fight It! 

The Saints - I’ll Let You Slide

Willie Williams - Armagideon Time

R. Stevie Moore - Conflict of Interest 

Dixie Nightingales - I Dont Know 

The Mysterious Men - Mister Jungle 

Connie Converse - How Sad How Lovely