#15 -- I Am The Devil

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Crazy Beatles covers, triumphant art house dirges, dirty and loud Northern Soul, and a whole lot of dreamin' for a better world. Enjoy this loud!!!

Karye Payar — The Sound Of Wonder
Excerpt — “Have You Ever Had A Dream Where? 
Excerpt — Game Show Goofin
Ngozi Family — Everything Is Over
Ann Peebles - Run Run Run
Rev Edward Clayborn — Another Year May Be Gone
The Nu People-Id Be Nowhere Today
Exuma - You Don't Know What's Going On
Betty Chung - Bang Bang
Chubby Checker - Gypsy
Brethren- Outside Love
Harumi- Fire By the River
Jon Hendricks and The Warlocks - Fire in the City
??? — Love Is
Mississippi Sheiks - I am the Devil
Gene Clark - Dark Of My Moon
Excerpt — You Can Go To 4 Stores
Sonny Okosun- Help
The Sweet Acids - That Creature
Phil Pratt & Ken Boothe— Sweet Song for My Baby
Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were the One
Los In - Muchachita
Anthony Johnson - Natty Dread Come in a Dance
Bettye Swann— I'm Just Living a Lie
Children of the Mushroom - August Mademoiselle
Billy Joe Royal - Hush
Frankie Miller - Supersnatch
Les Rallizes Denudes - White Waking
Excerpt — Dating Montage
Excerpt — When Will You Learn?
Les Paul and Mary Ford — Goodnight Irene